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flag-bgRVWC Trakia is a very proactive organization that works directly with its chamber members and other local and international partners for the continual development of the Bulgarian wine industry. These initiatives include local promotional activities, such as; wine tourism, special events and wine celebrations, and promotional activities for all aspects of the wine industry to European and other world communities.

The Regional Vine and Wine Chamber (RVWC) "Trakia" is a professional association which covers all vineyards areas, including growers and traders of grapes within the wine region of western Thracian Lowlands and the Valley of Roses. The territorial jurisdiction of RVWC Trakia includes the Provinces of Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora and Smolyan. There are over 5,000 registered wine grapes producers and over 50 winemakers within the territory of RVWC Trakia.

RVWC “Trakia” focuses on the direct promotion of the quality wines produced by its member through the collaboration with the Bulgarian Consortium for Producers of High Quality Wine “Trakia” as its marketing and sales partner.

Thracian Lowlands

In the Southern Bulgarian region, the continental climate is temperate with a good distribution of rainfall throughout the growing season. In this region, red grape varieties are most concentrated including "Mavrud", "Merlot", "Cabernet Sauvignon", "Red Misket", "Pamid", "Rubin" and others. The climatic conditions in this area are protected from severe northerly winds which favour the development of rich, solid, memorable wines.

Bulgaria's rich history of wine traditions can be traced back to the very origins of wine making over 6,900 years ago to the Thracian tribes that once inhabited the early regions of the Balkan Peninsula. Together with their deity Dionysus, (Bacchus), and the mystic bard Orpheus, the Thracians celebrated their lives with many rituals, customs and festivals all of which were related to the growing, making and drinking of Zelas, the Thracian word for "unmixed wine".

In following this rich heritage of over six millennia of wine making traditions, history and mythology, Bulgarian wine producers to represent their wine culture and high standards to local and world markets. These standards, founded historically and reinforced by both European and world production technologies, are reflected in all aspects of grape and wine production from the caring of vineyards to final results of quality Bulgarian wines.